What is A.M.P?

Amp stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, small sites should not worry about create an AMP version of your site, however, it is recommended to use amp when launching a new site. AMP is a scaled down version of your site, intended for mobile pages, tables, cell phones. Your AMP page, if you have one already, loads, opens up quickly on portables. Most people now a days access the web via some sort of portable device, so creating an amp version of your site is strongly recommended, however, as I stated above, small sites should not worry about deploying AMP. Most websites developers use either WordPress or Drupal to create web pages, these content management systems create a mobile friendly version of you site.

However, if your site is large, you should & must look into using AMP, a scaled down version of your site loads quickly on mobile devices. 2018 seems to be the year of speed, the faster your site loads, the more likely people will interact with your site, will sate and explore your company site because it is fast, so start having an AMP version of your site, if you are not familiar with AMP technology, hire a developer. Speed, speed is a major part of your web strategy, no matter what services or products you offer, especially if you are running an e-commerce site, you should have an AMP version of your site.

Recently, as of April 2018, Google started showing pages that have AMP technology deployed on their websites, meaning, if you have a version of your site that is mobile friendly or uses AMP, that page shows first on Google Results pages, if you don’t have an AMP version of your page, it defaults to your desktop version, so it is strongly recommended to start using AMP in 218, moving forward, more and more people access the web, your site via mobile, tablets. AMP is here to stay!

Conclusion, if your site is small and uses WordPress or Drupal, both of these systems automatically have a mobile version of your site, however, if your site is big, large, you should start using AMP, that means, have a scale version of your web page, targeted to your mobile users, especially if you rely on customers that have mobile devices, ipas or tables. Again, people want pages to load fast, open quick, make a purchase fast, order something fast, AMP is the answer to  fast loading mobile pages, fast loading pages on tablets.